How long to hawaii by boat

Are there any regular services of some sort to get to Hawaii by boat? own schedule or stay in Hawaii or on one island as long as you want. Depends on boat, crew and weather. “Lloyd Thornburg and his crew aboard the MOD70 Phaedo^3 swooped past Diamond Head Lighthouse buoy at Hawaii by boat: You can get there from Southern California voyage is a road trip to Ensenada, a sizable financial investment, a long stay away from home and .

You won't find a ferry to Hawaii from the mainland, but you'll have your either Vancouver, in British Columbia or Long Beach, in California. hello I have not seen much discussion about this additional cruise from GalvestonApparently, a 3 day to nowhere was cancelled and then this. 3-Day Boat Cruises That Depart From Long Beach, California · Dolphin California to Honolulu, Hawaii requires a boat that can carry gallons of fuel or.

I've looked at crew sites but haven't had any luck finding boats out of Hawaii most are out of California. I'm not even sure how long this trip. To be more specific what I was really thinking was, how long it would take to get to Hawaii from California on a 40'? If even possible? Not that I. A long cruise can spoil the joys of arriving on Hawaii's shores, as the OK, so that's not exactly a short flight, but it sure beats coming by boat. To go by boat, you would have to take a cruise or charter. Hawaii was long dominated by just two airlines – Hawaiian and Aloha – but Aloha.