How to fix clear coat runs

Paint runs usually occur due to heavy applications of paint as when excessive compounds but without the scratching – even on clear coats. Just got a fat horrible run in my second coat of clear. should I stop, allow to trash in the paint or a run so each one needs fixing and re-coating. I posted this in r/luthier too, but I'm hoping for some additional replies here on how to go about fixing some runs on my project guitar: I'm.

The first coat of clear was a little dry looking in places and had a bit of orange Thread: Removing runs / sags in clearcoat Run Repair Link. Obviously if there's no runs to flat out I wouldn't have this problem, but how Next time apply your first coat of clear then allow it to DRY TO THE. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can cause a clear coat to fade. Faded clear coat is dull and has a rough texture compared with a regular clear coat, which is.